Picture of three cookies called fatties as an example of what a changing line up might look like.


We keep our menu a secret until ordering, but follow us @goodnightfatty for a hint

WTF is a Fatty? That’s what we call our cookies. Fatties are thicc, smashed with quality ingredients, and served right out of the oven.

Each weekend, we sling a new line-up of three flavors packed with nostalgia. We work hard to come up with something fresh each week that get you pumped for the weekend.


Drop It Like It’s Hot

There really isn’t anything better than getting warm cookies delivered to your front door. For those times when you need your Fatty fix, but don’t want to stop being a blanket  burrito, we got you covered.

No preordering is necessary. Order a Fatty Drop delivery, and we’ll instantly send one of our own super chill drivers your way with a fresh box of Fatties. You’ll be enjoying Fatties in no time flat.

Where Do We Deliver Fatties?

Salem & Beverly

Salem, Beverly, Danvers, Peabody, Swampscott, Marblehead, & Lynn





Late one night after a nice dinner out in Salem MA, co-founders/owners Jen and Erik weren’t quite ready to call it a night. “You know what I could go for right now? – a cookie” In that moment they sadly realized that they were out of luck unless they were willing to bake their own. Jen and Erik spent the rest of the walk home talking about how they couldn’t be only ones who experience these late-night cookie cravings.

In that moment, Goodnight Fatty was born. We started popping up in coffee shops, breweries, and even a dark alleyway around Salem, MA with the mission of serving uniquely delicious cookies warm from the oven to crush late-night sweet cravings.

Today, Goodnight Fatty is still slingin’ a new line-up of Fatties every weekend. We now call the historic Andrew-Safford Carriage House our home. Formerly a frozen yogurt shop, the Carriage House is closely located near many of Salem’s downtown restaurants and popular attractions, such as the Witch Museum, Salem Common, and Hawthorne Hotel.