See what we did there? 😂

We’re happy to report that we’ve reached our Holiday Crowd-Funding goal with sales over 13,000 dollars. Of course, not all of this is profit but this has really helped us front load some cash and keep our renovations moving. Thank you for all the support, and we can’t wait to show you what comes next : )

Help us crowdfund our new location’s renovations with some awesome rewards below:

Whats the story here?

New Goodnight Fatty Carriage House location in Salem MA. 

As you may know, we’re deep into renovations at our new flagship location at the Common here in Salem MA. It’s going great, and we’re trying to do as much of the work we can ourselves to save money. However, there are just some things we’re not allowed to do ourselves such as plumbing and electrical work (which is probably for the best).  

This is where you come in. Consider treating yourself to one of the options below and help us bring in some much-needed coin to get us through the next stage of our renovations.

We have some exciting tricks up our sleeves planned for the new space, and we can’t wait to show you what we’re working on. Be sure to follow along with our Instagram stories where we post our progress each day.

Thank you for all that you do for us and our team, and making us part of your holiday this season.

Kindest Regards,
Jen, Erik and the Fatty Slinging crew <3

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